Monday, 16 September 2013

Dior Airflash Foundation - Hero Product.

Over the last 7 to 8 years this is a foundation ive kept hidden away in my arsenal saving for the most formal of days or glitziest of nights.

I brought this foundation when it was first released and fell in love as instantly as it could be applied to the skin. (I also got a beech towel at the time as two purchases gave a free gift of which i still have the towel to this day!) 

The formula has not changed at all in the time I have used it. A fine mist that can be sprayed directly onto the face for an airbrushed look. The foundation as a semi matte finish and or though Im sure would suit most skin types I feel for my oily skin works a dream on covering redness, blemishes and pores. Even without a primer.

There are two down sides to this fabulous offering. The shade range has only four different colours and secondly the cost £33. 
Now with the cost Ive "kind of" justified the purchase you do get 70ml for your money. The average foundation only has 30mls and this is more than double that. 

To use I simply spray directly onto my face then buff in the product with the RT stippling brush. I find if I spray directly and flinch I have a really wrinkly looking face until I smooth out the edges. The formulation also likes to cling to those wonderfully fine hairs we all hate to admit we have on our faces. I find adding the buffing motion removes this also.

Why does this foundation get the hero title? Over the hundreds that I have tried out. Its the way I feel when I have it on my skin. It covers my flaws on a level I never have achieved with any other formulation and there is also something slightly luminous about my skin. It also does not leave me with a sticky or tacky feel throughout the day. 

If this foundation never entered my world Id have to say the second best would be cliniques Anti Blemish solutions but hey! Thats a whole other post to be written!!! 


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