Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bourjois Java Rice Powder Review.

This beautifully packaged little creation is a replicated and reformulated duplicate of Bourjois original Java Rice Powder.
The original formulation sold 2 million a year in the early 20th century when ladies were just getting to grips with applying cosmetics. Java Rice Powder was originally formulated to lighten and leave a velvety finish to the skin.
This from the packaging alone is a must have for any lover of the Bourjois range and I for one have found the perfect spot on my dressing table for it to look glamorous.

The modern formulation of the powder claims to brighten up and smooth the complexion in a simple swipe. A couple of fellow bloggers have dubbed this product a powder / highlighter hybrid and I support this opinion. 
A translucent loose powder with a pink undertone this product will suit most skin tones. I have found it best for my oily is to apply to the high points of my face. Applying all over can be a little to luminescent throughout the day when my own shine kicks in however I do tend to blend it out and around the areas that do get a good coating.
I do find this makes my face appear more awake and fresh on a minimal makeup day this looks great applying to the inner corners of eyes, brow bone and cupids bow. Very understated!

Finally something I have already mentioned that really does require more in depth detail is the packaging. Originally this was in a box of the same shape but is now housed in a plastic tub. The print on the front remains identical to its original sister and something I really like is on the inside there is a spin wheel which twists to open and close releasing the loose product. I love that when you open the lid up you know powder is not going to pop out all down those skinny black jeans that have just been put on!!! More brands should use this wheel to control product leakage!!! 

To find out a little more on the history of this product check out the brand history pages of bourjois HERE where you can trace back throughout the years of one of the oldest beauty brands. 


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