Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October Wish List.......

Completely unrelated to beauty my top item for this month will be toffee apples! Lots and lots of lovely toffee apples!!! Yummy!
For the kids we make chocolate ones and dip them in hundreds and thousands! more chocolate gets over them than on the apples but hey hoe! Its great fun!!!

So my October wish list? I can honestly say it does not reduce with christmas around the corner if anything it all gets more addictive!!!!

1) My first item will be a faceless dream, a moisturiser that will provide great winter support but not cake me in grease. Any recommendations let me know.

2) Next up will be Loreal's latest foundation release. Nude Magique. American bloggers have tipped it as liquid powder! Something I like the sound of very much. Coverage is apparently quite sheer so those pesky blemishes better hurry and clear up!!! 
The British Beauty Blogger has said the formulation is very close to a popular Armani Foundation so quality at high street prices is something I LURVE! 

3) Now my under eyes are a pet hate of mine. I have finally found the perfect items to cover something I deem much darker than and shadow but I find I have to keep reapplying. Ive heard great things about Smashbox Under Eye Primer. So you never know a day with a dark circle could soon be a thing of the past.....

4) This little beauty is by Anastasia Beverly hills and I have to say its already been ordered! This ticks all the beauty boxes for fall/winter for me and also includes a brush, eyeliner and tweezers. Only available on Cult Beauty and I think there is only a limited number (hence my speedy purchase!) 
This palette is only £26 for 10 shadows plus extras you are getting plenty for you buck.

5) Finally a new release from Bourjois, the Happy Light base in matte. Ive been looking for a decent high street primer for my oily skin for some time. So as soon as I can get my hands on this watch this space for a review.

Whats on your wish list for this month? 


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