Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lashes of Manga - L'Oreal Miss Manga Review.

Took a while but Ive had some time to fit in a quickie. Ive discovered my new holy grail mascara.
I've been a avid follower of Clinique Mascaras for years but though it was time to shop around after trying out Soap and Glory's Thick and Fast with my Soap and Glory box last christmas. 

Previous to this little find I had quite fallen for L'Oreal's Telescopic Clean Definition. It really has a formula as the title states. Not a single clump in site and lasts a full day of grafting. 

So reasons I parted with my cash..... I have been a big fan of Japanese style beauty gadgets and products for years. From fun lip balms to a stencil to give you the perfect shaped blusher!! Clearly brands like L'Oreal at some point were going to catch on to how quirky and and fun this theme can bring to your makeup bag.

I also liked the price point. £5.99 and a few cheeky points on my advantage card.

The mascara itself, the wand is the first port of call. It has a flexible head. (say what!?) 
You may think that makes it fiddly to get used to however it mostly prevents to much product buildup and mascara all over the eye lids from attacking the lashes at the force of a wind screen wppers in high speed rain! The tip also has a 360 degree flexible cone shaped brush which in my opinion makes it great for getting to those bottom lashes and separating them.

The formula is something of an evolution in my collection with "enlarging Collegian Spheres" to help provide that wide eyed manga trend. I found a little product goes a long way. The pigment is blackest black, it holds all day long with little or no fallout bellow my lashes.
The advertisement may have a panda as part of the campaign but the formula could not be any further from leaving you with panda eyes unless you are removing it at the end of the day.

Orthough I am singing its praises it would be VERY easy to apply this mascara wrong. Reasons behind my view is the wand has to much formula when removed from the tube.  A couple of coats will leave you looking more spider eyed than wide eyed Manga star.

So my tips for lush lashes would be.........
Two coats, the first coat removing any excess from the wand so you are literally applying a smidgin of product to the length of the lash. (Thank you Wayne Goss for that tip!) Then before the first coat has dried go in with a second coat really getting down to the tip going crazy with the old zig zag method then using the tip to wing out the edge lashes. Finally when top lashes done. remove as much as you can from the wand and apply to the bottom lashes. 

If you are looking for length, volume and no sign of smudging this could be the very wand that grants your wishes........


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